Brightest Witch of Her Age

Brightest Witch of Her Age.jpg
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Halloween is such a fun time to find base pictures.

My lovely friend Anna Pendleton sported her Gryffindor gear at a campus event, and I snapped a few posed pictures to edit later. I’m not sure who was more excited about the final result – me or my subject!

I used a customized Topaz Labs filter to achieve the dreamy painted effect that really makes this picture look like it belongs between the pages of a Rowling book. A stock cauldron picture was easy enough to rough up a bit digitally, and the brew inside was drawn by hand. Adding source pictures for liquids or vapors takes too long when a bit of filtering and layer effects can get the job done twice as fast. Trust your eye to plan out a dimensional curling wisp of smoke, then let Topaz do its job and blend it comprehensively with the style of the rest of the picture.


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