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Look out – she bites.

This portrait marks a big turning point in my photo editing experience, as it’s probably the oldest edit I’m still proud of when I look through my progress timeline. Created back in my freshman year, this picture was inspired by the group Hofstra vs Zombies. Before running around and shooting my friends with Nerf darts, I needed a respectable profile picture on Facebook. I didn’t have a copy of Photoshop yet, so this beauty was cobbled together with my first love, Gimp 2.0.

Combining techniques from a number of tutorials, I spliced together a gory yet strangely attractive zombie that terrified quite a few of my friends and relatives. Oops.


(Fun Fact: I later entered this picture in a photography competition at my local fair. I won $10.00 for 2nd place, losing to a selective color of a blue butterfly. The kid who beat me was maybe 9 years old though, so I don’t have the heart to be bitter.)

(Okay maybe a little bitter.)


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