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“My name’s catbug what’s yours?”

This little half-cat, half-ladybug creature is a character from the delightful web series Bravest Warriors. Although he looks cute and huggable in his canon cartoon style, I found that a realistic version of this critter is even more adorable.

Sketched out first in pencil, I (reluctantly) set my crayons aside and converted the sketch to digital lineart so I could color it digitally. I love shading and blending with my hands, but I find my tones softer and colors more vibrant when I paint in Photoshop. I’ll admit that the undo button and layering options are also a huge incentive. You see, traditional art methods aren’t very forgiving when it comes to changing and comparing colors. A computer gives me the luxury of being able to paint an image three times over in a different shade each time and then click around to see which one works best. Definitely a nice option for the indecisive artist… (who me?)

Naturally, there’s benefits to traditional forms that you just can’t mimic digitally – not to mention the financial commitment of a nice drawing tablet. With each new release, though, art programs are getting increasingly applicable and offering more innovative tools for the modern artist. Paints and pastels will never go extinct, but there’s plenty of appeal to the crisp, clear images you can generate digitally.

(catbug animated gif)
i just want to squiiiiiish him.



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