Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
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“SNAKES. Why’d it have to be snakes??”

I was raised on Indiana Jones. The whipcracks, the wisecracks, the dashing smile. I spent a significant amount of my childhood playing archaeologist with my little brother, boldly recovering artifacts from around the house and declaring that the remote control “belongs to a museum!”

So naturally, when I wanted to paint a memorable movie scene, my mind went right to Harrison Ford staring down a cobra in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Painted over a screencap from the film, this piece continues my series of oil-esque paintings in Adobe Photoshop. I gave myself a little more freedom in creating this image, using a render to generate the texture on the snake and create a simpler cloth pattern to paint over for Indy’s jacket. Harrison Ford’s rough and rugged stubble took a bit of practice, but it was certainly a learning experience. I regret not saving some of my first attempts, which were depressingly close to looking like a sugar-high toddler drew his beard on with a dying sharpie.

I found myself getting bored too quickly when I started pieces from scratch, so I decided to focus more on palette building and the painting effect more than working from a blank canvas. All-in-all, I’m quite pleased with the result.


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